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Why Recruiting is the most fulfilling job in sales

Why recruiting is the most fulfilling job in sales.

There are many rewarding careers to choose from in life. Some of the obvious are Doctors, Veterinarians, Counselors, Teachers, and being a First Responder to name a few. What doesn’t come to mind is a career in sales. A career in sales usually doesn’t scream rewarding. It may scream financially rewarding, but usually not in a passionate & fulfilling way.

If you agree, it’s time to introduce you to the recruiting industry. It’s no secret that companies with the best employees are often the most successful. But how do companies get the best employees? Well, they have two options. They can either use job boards or utilize a professional recruiting company. Both options have their benefits and disadvantages.



Low cost of entry – Many of the top job boards like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and Monster cost only a few hundred dollars to get a job posting in front of a large audience of candidates.


Time commitment - Unfortunately, with the benefits of a low price tag comes the disadvantage of having to filter through hundreds of unqualified candidates. Often resulting in countless hours of work only to settle for a subpar candidate.



Quality – Instead of filtering through hundreds of unqualified resumes. Working with a recruiting firm, they know exactly what type of candidate you’re looking for and more importantly can 100% qualify them on your behalf. Typically, a recruiting firm will submit a handful of qualified candidates. Saving the hiring manager hundreds of hours of filtering.


Price Tag – Although you can’t put a price on the perfect candidate, it is always looked at as an additional investment for the company. This can be especially difficult for start-ups or newer companies. Recruiting firms typically charge 20% - 30%+ of the hired candidates first year salary.

The role of a recruiter

So you still may be asking yourself, where is this so called fulfilling sales position? Let’s dive into the life of a recruiter. Recruiting is usually an overlooked job title of a typical sales person. Let me tell you, the best recruiters are highly dedicated to their sales acumen. The role of a recruiter is to sell, convince, and nurture potential candidates for a client in need. Often times you’re selling someone on an opportunity that will require them to uproot their entire life and move across the country.

Why Recruiting is the most fulfilling sales job of all time.

Unlike most sales reps who are selling things like advertising, technology, and or the latest and greatest car. Recruiters are selling #opportunity. An opportunity to change their lives for the better. Nine out of ten times a recruiter is promoting someone, increasing their salary, a better work/life balance, better benefits, and even ownership in their next company. Recruiters provide families with opportunities to live in new places, better schools and the best healthcare for their family, and an opportunity to make a true impact in the lives of many.

As a recruiter myself, it is not uncommon to get calls from candidates I placed years ago! They tell me how grateful they are I reached out to them, cared for them, and helped them through every step of the process. It's an amazing feeling to know I had a part in bettering their life and family.

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