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3 Reasons to Stop Ghosting that Recruiter

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

If you are active on LinkedIn and optimize your profile, then chances are a recruiter has contacted you with a new opportunity. So, you're not interested, don't be scared! Instead, embrace the value that a recruiter can add BEYOND their initial message. Take 2 minutes and trick or treat yo' self to this Halloween edition, opinion post from the perspective of a recruiter. Can you spot the puns?

Things can (do) change, so consider the future

Let's creep it real, not every opportunity that a recruiter puts in front of you is going to be exciting. Recruiters know that, and we aren't bothered if you aren't interested. Often, we are reaching out to people that are likely happy and thriving in their current role. That's awesome, and we are so glad for you - genuinely! Instead of dismissing, ignoring, or starting the conversation but ghosting the recruiter later, consider that things change. Some of those reasons why you love your job, sadly, aren't guaranteed to last. That is a truth that we all know, so why not have a relationship with some recruiters that will have your back when or if you need them? Great recruiters have a passion for people, so let them be in your corner for when the time is right! #squadghouls

Recruiters can add value in a scary number of ways

Resume help. Interview preparation. LinkedIn profile review. Job search. Those are just a few of the many ways recruiters can add value to your career. We want to help you. We will review your resume and make suggestions on the design, organization, and the wording. We will go over your LinkedIn and make sure it is optimized. We will provide resources to help you excel in your next interview. We will even search the market for an opportunity you'd get excited about if you are ready for that next challenge. It is all complimentary and something we love doing! So, leverage our expertise and connect with us!

What's up, my witches?

All right, it's time to pay it forward gang. The "fangtastic" power of networking comes from a healthy mix of "give and take." You can add tremendous value to your network of friends, family, and past colleagues by referring them to those opportunities that weren't quite right for you. It could be a life-changing opportunity for them. Imagine what that could mean for your buddy, annoying brother-in-law, or that previous colleague you adored but knew was stuck in their career. And, it wouldn't be a waste of time either. You'd be shocked how often we receive referrals and how often those referrals get hired. So, remember, an opportunity presented to you by a recruiter could provide you a chance to change someone's life for the better.

I hope you had fun and learned a little something reading this post! Please don't forget how passionate we are for people. Ask us for help, and don't hesitate to do so. So next time a recruiter contacts you, don't be such a jerk-o-lantern and consider the value we bring!

Until next time you boo'tiful people

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