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We understand that many employers may already have an internal recruiting team and may also use job boards and tools such as LinkedIn and other resources to find candidates. DraftHire should be used as an additional sourcing channel to find qualified candidates. Unlike other platforms, there is no cost to join DraftHire, and you only incur the referral fee upon a successful hire.

With DraftHire, you are accessing networks of expert recruiters and individuals who have great connections to fill your jobs. Independent recruiters and other individuals on our network are motivated to fill jobs to place candidates in their database and to earn referral rewards. The fees that you pay on DraftHire are a fraction of what you would pay to a typical headhunter. DraftHire saves you time and money, and saves you the hassle of negotiating contract and fees with recruiters. Using DraftHire is easy, quick and has many benefits for employers.

Just like using multi-channel marketing to find customers, in this competitive market, companies need to utilize multiple sources to find candidates for open jobs. Finding candidates from a variety of channels may help improve quality of candidate as well as help fill positions faster.

Candidate referrals come from variety of channels including individual job seekers, headhunters, independent recruiters and other members.

Independent recruiters as well as other users find that using DraftHire makes them more money. DraftHire also works well for headhunters because it allows recruiters to spend their time searching for candidates and making more placements. Individuals benefit by using their social networks to find jobs for connections and make money at the same time.

DraftHire provides a 60-day guarantee. In the event that a candidate hired through DraftHire’s system leaves or is terminated within 60 days of their starting date, simply notify DraftHire in writing and DraftHire will work with you to identify a replacement candidate at no additional cost to you.

DraftHire will generate an invoice immediately upon a candidate’s start date. Payment is due within 30 days of a candidate joining a company.

No. DraftHire first filters submitted candidates and then a personal Draft Manager selects the most qualified candidates from the Draft. You only see the best.

No. DraftHire values your privacy and your contact information is not accessible from the platform. Only your personal Draft Manager has access to contact you. Only after an employer expressly chooses to engage with a candidate or recruiter can they contact you at all. After the initial contact, you may work through email or phone contact as desired.

No. There are no contracts with individuals and independent recruiters that employers need to sign. Except for information passing through DraftHire, there is no direct communication with the recruiter or individual. All parties agree to DraftHire’s Terms of Service when they sign up to use our platform.

DraftHire provides visibility in the recruiting process that protects our customers from common recruiting disputes. In the rare event that a dispute arises, we act as neutral mediator to work out a settlement between parties. If mediation is unsuccessful, both parties can enforce the Terms of Service to the fullest extent permitted by law.

In addition to the social networks of our members, DraftHire’s platform is made up of hundreds of independent and specialized recruiters throughout the country who place candidates in a wide range of industries and positions.

DraftHire will soon offer On-Demand Recruiting services which you will be able to engage a recruiter on a contract basis to get resumes or work with them until you fill certain positions.

A typical job posting is open for 30-60 days. While there is no time limit for the job to remain open, once a candidate is hired under a specific job, we require that you close that job.

If you are filling multiple positions under the same title, you must update the quantity listed in the job description.

As an employer, you can post unlimited number of jobs provided they are legitimate and you have the authority and necessary approvals to pay DraftHire the agreed upon referral fee.

While referral-based recruiting often provides a quicker time-to-hire, actual specifics depend on a number of factors affecting the attractiveness of the job listing including the job specifics and referral reward. We cannot provide a guarantee but most employers see results faster than other recruiting methods.

Employers from a wide range of industries and sizes use DraftHire. Whether you’re looking to fill one position or hundreds, DraftHire is here for you.

Individuals and recruiters “own” the candidates they submit for a period of six months (180 days) from the date of submission. If referred a candidate is hired for a different position, other than that which the referral was initially made, you are still required to pay a referral fee based on the respected salary.

The employer owes a referral reward only if a referred candidate is hired within 180 days from the date of introduction via DraftHire.

In the event that you received a candidate via DraftHire that was already in your company database in the preceding 90 days from date of submission via DraftHire, you will have the option to reject the candidate with the reason of a “duplicate submission”. Please review the Terms of Service to learn more.

Our system prevents a candidate from being submitted twice for same job but in the unlikely event that happens, the reward will be given to the recruiter or individual who first submitted the candidate, based on a time stamp in our system. Employers will never be required to pay two referral rewards for the same candidate placement. Please review the Terms of Service to learn more.

No. DraftHire’s Terms of Service prohibits taking new business developed through DraftHire offline. Parties attempting to violate this policy will be immediately removed from the portal and will be subject to legal recourse.

Yes. By agreeing to the Terms of Service as an employer, you attest that you are authorized to advertise jobs on the DraftHire website on behalf of your company, and that you have authority to make payments in the event a person referred through this website for your job gets hired by you. If you hire any candidate that came to your company as a result of DraftHire within 6 months (180 days) of receiving that candidate’s profile (whether through Independent recruiter or direct application or via referral), your company shall be liable to pay DraftHire the platform fee. We encourage you to review Terms of Service and seek necessary approvals from authorized representatives of your company if required.

You are encouraged to review the FAQs, as some of the most common questions can be answered here. You can contact us by submitting your questions on the “Contact Us” page. One of our representatives will be able to answer your questions via phone or email.