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By Recruiting

Has someone ever asked “What do you do” and you respond with a quick I’m a HeadHunter! The confused looks on their faces get me every time! But what most people don’t realize is recruiting is an extremely rewarding career. Both financially and emotionally! We get the privilege to advance peoples careers and open opportunities to them that otherwise could have been missed.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Recruiters love DraftHire


Although DraftHire rewards recruiters who are performing well, we will never set quotas or tell you how and when to work. We pride ourselves on allowing recruiters the flexibility they need to have a work & life balance. Simply work as much or as little as your schedules allow.

Commissions you deserve:

Tired of your boss reaping all the benefits? At DraftHire we are extremely transparent with our recruiting commissions that are paid out to our recruiters. You’ll earn about 80% of the total commissions received from our clients. The average commission paid out on the platform is between $8,000-$10,000 per role! Not a bad part time gig right?

Easy to use platform:

DraftHire was designed by recruiters for recruiters. Which means every aspect of our platform has been carefully drawn out. Your recruiter dashboard gives you all the analytics you’ll need to stay on top of your All Star candidates.


Cold calls, endless outreach, and piles of rejection. Any of these most likely hit home for an independent recruiter trying to build your client list. Let DraftHire take a load off your shoulders by bringing the clients to you. Stick to what you do best, Recruiting! Browse our open positions, submit your All Star candidate, and collect a deserving commission.

Changing people’s lives:

Being stuck in the same dead-end company has quickly become one of life’s biggest regrets. I hear people all the time wishing they had explored other career paths or companies. We have the power to changes lives of individuals and their families. We are connecting better opportunities for deserving people. Promotions, pay increase, better benefits, and location are just a few things we can do to help someone progress their careers.

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